When should I upgrade to Gatsby v2?

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Gatsby v2 is out. It's in beta. It contains some sweetness. You want it. The big question is, when? Upgrade now? Wait for a final release?

tl;dr - Upgrade now if you need v2 features. Wait if you don't.


You can read more about what's new in Gatsby v2 here. If you have a large site (1k+ pages) then v2 is a big win right now. If your site is slow to rebuild during development, and you're actively working on it, v2 could be a win.

Otherwise, v2 is still in a state of flux. The APIs should now be more or less fixed. With the switch from alpha releases to beta releases, some stability has arrived. However, it's still very much the bleeding edge.

If you don't need any of that new magic, then we recommend waiting. At some point the upgrade will be required, but not necessarily right now. Let other people figure out the issues, let v2 stabilise and improve, and then upgrade. That's the smart advice for a site which is running fine today.

v1 forever?

Gatsby builds static sites from dynamic content. This removes much of the security problems associated with dynamic sites. If your site runs smoothly on v1, and you don't need anything new, then you may never need to upgrade. At least not in the near future.

Unless you are actively working on the code of a site, then v1 should continue to work smoothly for years to come.

There are advantages to v2, but you should not feel compelled to upgrade. It's probably a good idea at some point, but no need to rush into it immediately.

Upgrade process

The longer you wait, the smoother the process will be. As more people go through the upgrade, it will get easier. More people will write about it. More of the common issues will be documented. The docs will be improved.

If you upgrade 6 months after the first production release of Gatsby v2, it will be much easier than upgrading today.


If you don't have a compelling reason to upgrade, don't. In this case, laziness is your friend. Wait as long as you can. Let the process get smoother. Let other people solve the common problems. :-)

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Post last updated: July 22, 2018


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